03 diciembre, 2012

Paul McCartney's dream to be in Dandy comes true

In Feb 1963, he told NME his ambition was 
'To have my picture in The Dandy'

* 50 years later, he contacted comic when it announced it would stop printing on its 75th birthday

Paul McCartney was no doubt delighted to have finally fulfilled his boyhood dream of appearing in The Dandy.

The 70-year-old is starring alongside Desperate Dan and friends in next week's final print issue of The Dandy.
In February 1963 ­ a month before The Beatles released their first LP ­ the singer told music magazine NME that his personal ambition was 'To have my picture in The Dandy!'

Almost 50 years later, he contacted the publication when it announced it would stop printing on its 75th birthday.

Launched in 1937, The Dandy is Britain's longest-running children's comic.
At its peak in the 1950s, it sold more than two million copies a week, but its circulation has since slumped to less than 8,000.

In a recent letter to the publication, Sir Paul said: 'The Dandy was a favourite comic of mine when growing up in Liverpool and each week 

I would look forward to the exploits of Desperate Dan and his other comic book colleagues.

'I feel a little sadness that I see its final issue is appearing in December.

'In 1963, in the NME, when asked what my personal ambition was, I replied ­ to have my picture in The Dandy! I hope it's not too late!'

In the final issue, Sir Paul's cartoon persona will lead a sing-along with the comic's most famous characters at a farewell party.

The Dandy's print editor, Craig Graham, said: 'When the decision was taken to stop printing The Dandy and take it online earlier this year, it really was a case of now or never.

'Sir Paul wrote a lovely letter to us, wishing The Dandy well and hoping it wasn't too late to make an appearance. How could we refuse?'

The last print issue of The Dandy will go on sale on Tuesday December 3rd in the UK.

The first digital issue will go live on www.dandy.com on the same day.


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