10 diciembre, 2012

Recordando a LENNON!!!

GRAPHICS: 8 de diciembre de 1980, NYC

Día del suceso, por la mañana.

La muerte de John Lennon
8 de diciembre de 1980, NYC.
Recreación de la policía.

Croquis del asesinato de Lennon.
Astucia Report.
Versión oficial.

Lennon (1) gets out of limousine. Yoko Ono (4) got out seconds earlier and is about 35 feet ahead. Chapman (2) waits at the entrance under the archway. As Lennon walks by (3), Chapman fires. Ono (5) is in the lobby when Lennon is shot. Lennon staggers about 30 feet to the concierge stand (6) in the lobby where he falls, fatally wounded.

(Note: The dimensions shown in Exhibit B are close approximations based on first-hand observation and painstaking analyses of photographs taken; however, it must be noted that the Dakota's security people would not allow me to walk inside the entrance and take precise measurements.)

Esquema en The New York Times.

(6) A diagram published in the New York Times on Dec. 10, 1980 shows Chapman standing behind Lennon, to his right. The accompanying caption reads as follows:

…Mr. Lennon and Yoko Ono left their car (1), while the assailant (2) waited inside the arch. As they walked by (3), he fired. Mr. Lennon staggered up into a room (4) where he fell, fatally wounded.

Mark David Chapman.

Lennon firmando un autógrafo para Chapman, 12 de agosto de 1980.

Lennon signing an autograph for Chapman (12/8/80), whose preoccupation
with Lennon had begun just months before the murder.

La entrada al Dakota.
Escena del crimen.

Planta del Dakota.

El revólver del 38 y los casquillos.

Certificado de muerte.

Las huellas, registradas cuando pidió la ciudadanía estadounidense en 1976.

The FBI files.
The FBI assembled around 300 pages of files on John Lennon in 1971-72, part of President Nixon's effort to deport Lennon to silence him as a critic of the war in Vietnam.

Después el asesinato.

John Lennon was shot dead by Mark Chapman outside the Dakota building, where the former Beatle lived in New York. Crowds gathered outside to pay tribute.

La vigilia.
December 1980: Fans of John Lennon holding a vigil after he was shot dead by a fan on December 8th at his home in New York. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The Green Card
John Lennon’s United States Resident Alien Visa (Green Card) c. 1976. When John Lennon’s temporary visa expired in Feb. 1972, the Nixon administration sought to have him deported, citing a 1968 conviction for the possession of marijuana. After a four-year battle, Lennon finally won the right to stay in the U.S.. In 1983, a lawsuit was brought against the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act to release its files on Lennon, which document the Bureau's role in the Nixon administration’s attempt to stop Lennon’s anti-war campaign before the 1972 election. Photo:David Behl/©Yoko Ono

Nashville Banner.

Yoko, LA Times.

LA Times.

Daily Mirror.

Portada de Newsweek.

World Daily News

News Standard


New York Post

La conspiración en cómic, MackWhite.

Portada del primer Rolling Stone.
9 de noviembre de 1967

Rolling Stone, enero de 1981

Infografía de Beatriz Santacruz en EL MUNDO con motivo del 25 aniversario.
7 de diciembre de 2005


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